How to Determine If Your Tenant Smoked Inside Your Unit

Given the nature of the majority of smoking-related signs, it can be difficult to prove smoking within the apartment for the majority of landlords. Smoking indoors can seriously endanger the health of everyone in the house. The good news is that you are not required to pay another person to watch over your property. Instead, keep an eye on your apartment and respond to any evidence of smoking by the tenant. Do your tenant ever smoke inside their apartments? Have you ever had a problem with this? Have you ever considered evicting someone who smoked in your apartment? To determine whether someone is smoking on your property, we have put together a list.

How Can You Show That Your Tenant Smokes Inside Your Unit?

Each owner of a piece of property is responsible for it. The damage caused by smoking is the last thing a landlord or property manager needs to learn. You must have proof that the tenant is smoking in your unit before making any claims or filing any legal action related to smoking here. Here are some warning indicators to lock out for:


To eliminate the stench, tenants who smoke can use diffuses, candles, incense, or open windows. Let’s say you want to be certain that smoking is what is causing the haze you are experiencing. In that instance, businesses and technology that measure air quality can show that there is cigarette or marijuana smoke residue present.

Although it is feasible, a home air quality test won’t be accurate as a professional evaluation. Cigarette smoke can be detected with an air quality detector. Markets now sell smoke alarms and brand-new” smoke sensors” that may notify you if someone is smoking on your property.

Burn Stains

 It doesn’t matter how careful you are, you will still drop a cigarette and leave a burned spot. This could be a piece of furniture or a floor covering. Because residents frequently cover up a small area with a carpet on the floor or a cushion on a seat, you might not discover this evidence until after a resident has left.


Both marijuana and smoking have an offensive scent but can also leave stains. Walls, window treatments, work surfaces, and lights are just a few of the items that can 

develop stains. Depending on how long this has been going on, the pigments may transition from yellow to brown. Sometimes they only need minor fixes, while other times, a goal wall reconstruction if necessary.

Smoke streaks are more noticeable.

Advice for Dealing with Smoking in Your Unit

You can take a number of steps to prevent smoking within your apartment. One thing you may do is hang placards at the entrances to each apartment. Smoke detectors can also pick up smoke from marijuana and cigarettes. Inform tenants of the fines associated with smoking inside.

Have a designated space for smoking.

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