How to Lower Property Taxes?

Are you dealing with obnoxiously high property taxes in the Springfield area? And do you want to lower them? At Cornerstone Homebuying, we’ve been real estate investing in the Springfield area for quite some time now. And we’ve learned a thing or two about lowering property taxes.   Aside from the mortgage payment, here are the … Continued

Helpful Tips: Need to Move for Work

Moving to a new work would undoubtedly increase your stress levels as if starting work wasn’t already difficult enough. It can be challenging to prioritize what needs to be done first between finding a new place to live, a school for kids, packing up, and move all of your memories into boxes. Making sure you … Continued

Choosing a way to sell your Home?

Choosing a way to sell your Home?We will help you decide. There are two options for selling your home. One is the traditional way. In this kind of selling, you can sell your home through a real estate agent on MLS. The other option is to go directly to a professional cash buyer. In this … Continued

Home Repairs You Can Easily Handle

Do you want to sell your home? But struggling to think about what to fix before listing the home for sale? Not all repairs are necessary as others, so it is important to set what to prioritize and do the most critical repairs first. Buyers frequently want properties that require little repairs, and no one … Continued

How Do You Know the Assessed Value of Your Home?

We have bought a lot of homes in Springfield over the last few years. It’s our thing. We make offers to homeowners who want to sell fast and as-is for a fair cash price without the headaches of listing on the MLS or going through a real estate agent. What is the Assessed Value of … Continued