Home Repairs You Can Easily Handle

Do you want to sell your home? But struggling to think about what to fix before listing the home for sale? Not all repairs are necessary as others, so it is important to set what to prioritize and do the most critical repairs first.

Buyers frequently want properties that require little repairs, and no one wants a sale to fall through because the home inspector discovered a defect the buyers can’t live with. Planning ahead of time can save you the agony of watching a buyer walk away.

Here are some home repairs you can easily handle before listing it.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Most mechanical parts, such as plumbing and electricity, are found in the kitchen and bathrooms of a home. As a result, they have the highest threat of being damaged. The following components should be double-checked:

  • Kitchen Equipment

Check the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave for proper operation. If required, repair any leaks and change the radiator in your refrigerator or freezer.

  • Cabinets

Everything in the kitchen and bathrooms should be in good working order and free of water damage or rot. Cabinet doors and drawers should guide smoothly open and closed. Replace broken knobs or handles, unclog or replace drawer racks, and fix loose hinges. With proper tools and walking to the hardware store, you can complete most of these tasks yourself.

Inspect to see if the paint on the cabinets is damaged by peeling. If this is the case, sand them down and recoat them. If your cabinets are severely damaged, you may need to hire a contractor unless you have experience with house improvements.

  • Faucets and sinks

Water features should be free of leaks and clear all drains. The overflow drain, which keeps a bathtub from overflowing, should be in good functioning. The hot and cold selections on the faucets should work as they should.

  • Shower and Bathtubs

Shower heads should work properly, and drains should be clear. You may need to resurface or replace a bathtub if the acrylic peels. The shower’s exhaust vent should be completely functional. Replace any cracked shower tiles.

Interior Design

Then it’s time to look at other interior surfaces in general.

  • Ceilings and Walls

Repairs nail holes in the drywall as well as minor scratches and dents. Repaint the walls if you notice discoloration, such as a water leak that has been fixed. Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to upgrade a space.

  • Flooring

Everything should be good, from the laminate to the carpet. Refinish scuffed or dented hardwood or replace any chipped or cracked floor tiles. Especially if you have pets, replace ripped carpeting or have it steam cleaned.

  • HVAC

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning should be functional, clean, and leak-free. The thermostat should be in good working order. Call an HVAC specialist to give your system a tune-up and examine its condition if you’re still unsure.

Residence Exterior

Here are some high-return ventures to consider.

  • Door to the garage

It has a function. Any remote does, as well. The door should also meet all local codes and safety requirements. If a cold spring breaks or the door has big dings or dents, the mechanism may need to be replaced.

  • Doors outside

Dings and dents of any kind are not permitted. Most homeowners can repair issues like door knobs and weatherstripping themselves. The alignment of sliding glass doors is critical.

  • Roofs

Broken or missing tiles, shingles, or ridge tops should be avoided since they safeguard your home from water damage. Replace any troublesome areas right away. Sealant cracks, bubbles, and blisters are also prevalent. Repair any damage to the underlayment, the layer beneath the shingles, or tiles on the roof. If you notice any inside water damage, it could signify a roof leak, so call a professional.

  • Drainage 

Drainage in the yard should be directed away from the house. If water collects around the foundation when it rains, a contractor may need to re-grade the yard or break up concrete to address the problem. Similarly, if downspouts divert precipitation away from the house’s foundation, but no runoff occurs, there is a problem.

To Sum it Up!

Fixing anything crucial that is broken is the most important repair to do before selling a home. This includes repairing leaking faucets, filling cracks in the walls, and ensuring that all of your equipment is functional. The home’s façade is another important repair to consider. Ensure that all windows are clean and in good working order, that the gutters are clear, and that the lawn is well-kept. Remember to inspect the roof and siding as well. These minor things can have a significant impact on prospective purchasers.

Finally, deep cleaning your home before showing it to buyers is always a smart idea. This entails cleaning the floors, cabinets, and walls, as well as organizing and painting any crowded areas.

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