6 Common Challenges Faced by Home Sellers

Do you want to sell your home in the Springfield area? Selling a home can be a difficult process. Current market conditions and the desire to be free of the property can expose a seller to poor bids. Sellers may face a saturated market, forcing them to undertake expensive repairs or modifications to their homes to attract buyers.

Cornerstone Homebuying can assist you with home selling, but finding the right person can be difficult. Here are the top common challenges faced by home sellers

1. Overcrowding Market

Selling your property might be financially difficult when the market is flooded with existing homes, new developments, and foreclosed homes. In a crowded market, buyers usually have the upper hand because are more inventories to pick from.  With more housing options, sellers have more competition to attract buyers, which pushes down prices. In a strong property market, purchasers may be willing to pay a premium price for a home to get it before someone else does.

2. Emotional Management

Selling a property can be an emotional experience if you didn’t realize it before. Selling a property can elicit a wide range of emotions. Excitation, anxiety, nervousness, and tension are just a few of the emotions that homeowners face when selling their homes.

3. Maintenance and Repairs

It is important to guarantee your home is in good shape before putting it on the market. For each open house or showing, clean and cover dingy walls with a fresh coat of paint, replace the discolored carpet, and maintain a clean, published appearance. Although listing the home too soon may be tempting, buyers will not appreciate going through rooms and hallways packed with paint cans, ladders, and home repair tools. Before marketing your home, make sure it’s in good shape.

4. Reasonable Asking Price

How you price your home requires thorough research and local real estate data analysis. It would be best to price your home competitively so that it is neither too high nor too low compared to the competitors. Buyers may avoid homes where they believe the seller has set unreasonable prices, and they may ask why a home is priced so low for the location. Work with a professional real estate agent who can advise you on a fair price based on the location, the features of your property, and comparable homes that have sold or are currently for sale. 

5. Low Evaluation

Most states require mortgage lenders to base their loan amounts on the appraised value. Low evaluation is a risk mitigation approach used by banks and lenders. When an appraisal is low, closing the sale becomes difficult. Both buyers and sellers must discuss the difference between the appraised price and the previously agreed-upon selling prices.

6. Loss-making sale

If you refinance your mortgage or lose your property to foreclosure, you may be able to write off the loss as a tax deduction if you sell your primary home at a loss. Because you are no longer accountable for the loan, the IRS considers foreclosure relief to be income. Because tax laws exempt a portion of forgiven debt from being classified as income, contact a trained accountant to ensure that you don’t pay more in taxes than necessary when you sell at a loss.

Final thoughts!

Knowing there will be challenges when selling a home can make all the difference. While many major problems when selling a property are beyond the homeowner’s control, others are completely within their grasp. 

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