Best Strategies to Secure Your Home

Worried about the safety of your home? Well, It is always better to be secure than sorry. At Cornerstone Homebuying, we are quite good at securing our properties in the Springfield area, and we thought we’d drop some steps. A secure home not only keeps you and your family safe but also helps to protect your things.

Fortunately, you can take many simple and reasonably priced steps to increase your house’s security. The greatest strategies to strengthen the security of your home. To safeguard your family and personal belongings are outlined in the section below.

Make your house secure by making it less prone to thieves.

Upgrade worn-out locks.

The weakest spot on a door is the lock. Make that the door frame is penetrated by a grade 1 or grade 2 deadbolt lock. The strike plate, the fixed component into which the bolt is inserted, should be constructed of solid metal or brass and have six three-inch-long screws. Use twin-cylinder deadbolt locks, which need keys inside and the outside, for locks close to windows in your home. By doing this, burglars are prevented from breaking the glass, entering, opening the door, and making your home secure.

Make windows difficult to access.

 Even if you make windows secure, they are still made of glass. Keeping the burglar from reaching the windows in the first place is the greatest technique to stop entrance through the windows of your home. Additionally, avoid leaving the ladders outside unattended. Burglars can use them to access second-story windows.

Remove hiding places and install lighting outside.

Trim trees and bushes, especially those near windows and doors. You might also want to think about switching out thick shrubbery or privacy fences for something that can be seen through. A tall, sturdy fence also gives the theft trying to break in through your rear door privacy in your home. It’s preferable to use motion-activated lights as an addition to the more secure house. They alert lawbreakers and catch your attention and that of your neighbors. However, lighting shouldn’t be a top priority because most thefts occur daily. First, lock all of your windows and doors.

Reducing the Risks of your home being a target

Get a dog and get friends with your neighbors.

The curious neighbor across the street is your best ally when defending your home. Before committing a crime, criminals frequently canvas the neighborhood, so they will know when you leave for work. You are far less likely to be robbed if you have watchful neighbors who are home while you are at work. Although owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility, they are excellent burglar deterrents. Control of the robbers by the dog’s barks is more important than biting. A little, agitated dig works better as a deterrent than a large, peaceful place.

Secure your lock doors and windows and store your keys safely.

Don’t make stealing simple for them. Your home becomes a convenient target if a door or window is left open, even for a little period while you are walking the dog. Establish the routine of locking every door and window before bed, after entering, and when leaving. 

The only thing awful than leaving your door unsecured is giving a criminal access to the keys. Also, remember to secure the dog or cat door. Never leave a secret key outside your home. Thieves are aware of the most likely hiding spots, so whether something is tucked away in a flower pot, behind a mat, or within a fake rock, they will surely locate it. Give your neighbor an extra key as an alternative. 

Setting Up Alarms

Select the appropriate security system for you.

Alarm systems differ in price from being quite inexpensive for door and window alarms you can install to extremely complex and pricey for those that include faraway monitoring and mobile access. Although adding features might make your home slightly safer, and more secure you should be aware that most criminals are discouraged by the simple presence of an alarm system.

Pick a home security system with motion sensors that lock all windows and doors. 

Whether or not you use a monitoring service, these are the fundamentals. However, motion detectors and magnetic door and window contacts are typically enough to detect a break-in at your home. Other features include pressure mats under rugs to detect footsteps, closed-circuit TV systems, broken glass sensors, and pressure sensors that detect when someone is trying to kick in a door. 

Final Thoughts  

These are the best strategies to secure your home that might help you. We trust that now that you have this information, you will be able to solve the problem you are facing. Keep these steps in mind when aiming to improve your home security.

We hope that this guide will assist you in learning everything about this. And if you or anyone you know wants to sell their house for a fair cash price, call us at 413-315-9551. We can make you an equitable cash proposal and close in as little as two weeks!

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